Utopia is centered on the fast decaying family values in the Ghana society, poor education system, poverty ravaging the youth and the failure of political leaders to provide policies and infrastructure to protect the future of the helpless children. It is  the tale of two brothers who engaged in survival  and rough journey to the land of milk and honey.

A poor, uneducated couple struggle to raise two children between the ages of 7-10 years old.   Their poor performance at school unruly nature in the community becomes an extra family burden. The solution, the father  separates them, the first born, is sent to a rich family and the second remains in the village.  The brothers two later join in the city and hustle together driven by a desire for money and change from their way of life.


Utopia combines Ga and English.  The village scenes were shot with drone giving beautiful perspective of Ghana water bodies and abundance of serene nature. The cinematography is of high definition, while the scenes are professionally directed.  Utopia has set a new pace in modern film making in Ghana.