The African Who Wanted To Fly

In Gabon, Central Africa, Luc, a 9 year old boy sees for the first time a Kung Fu movie. This fascinates his young curiosity, becomes a obsession, a dream and realisation.  His big question was if the Chinese can fly, why can not fly?  I to can fly became Luc’s obession leading him to venture into a new world or a totally new culture and tradition.

Luc has been living in China for 31 years, mastering wushu, acting in Kung fu movies, mastering the traditional Chineses secrets of the martial arts.  How did this little boy manage to become the first African to enter the Shaolin temple at the age of 14?  When does a dream become a reality?


Director Biography

Gabonese director and screenwriter Samantha Biffot was born in Paris in 1985. She grew up abroad between Asia and Africa and came back to Paris to follow cinema studies. After working in several production companies in Paris, she went back to Gabon in 2010 where she started her own production company developing TV series, documentaries and movies.  She won the prize for ”Best African Series” at FESPACO in 2013.