Africa Unleashed: Re-imagine The Future Africa.

Helsinki African Film Festival (HAFF) 8th edition takes place from the 7th to 14th May at Korjamoo in Helsinki, Finland.

The festival literally lets you take a stroll through the story telling of the continent: from the happy, comedic, dark humor to fictional tragedy. The films capture the changes in Africa today, people of Africa, in Africa, the Africans just like the rest of the world are neither in a prison of thought, of ideas or dreams.

Persons, peoples, societies, boundaries are moving and the various films capture the fluidity, dynamism and diversity of change. The show the unpredictability of life’s trajectories and the multiform willingness of people to chose the way they curve and design their own future or their world.

“Africa Unleashed”,  gets you to see the hidden gems of the African continent. It offers the audience interested in Africa, African art and culture, entertainment, development, politics, economics an opportunity to indulge and share in these deeply entertaining and at times controversial productions.The films are entertaining and thought-provoking, they show the diversity and trend in the African Film industry, and an insightful look at the dynamic and yet conflicted changes that are taking place in Africa today.

The festival provides a refreshing antidote to the prevailing one-sided portrayal of a richly diverse continent. The inclusion of co-production and diaspora has enriched how the story of Africa is told.

Welcome to HAFF

From the Festival Producer, HAFF Team and Supporters



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