Everything But A Man

She’s sexy, smart, successful… and still single. Everything But A Man follows the story of a successful but lonely career woman, who despite all her material success is a failure when it comes to love. The film explores the paradox modern career women face, having to think and act like a man in the work world, but still behave like ”a lady” at home in order to keep a man.

Director Biography

Nnegest Likké is an award winning, internationally-based filmmaker with a passion for telling unique and uplifting stories that inspire humanity. From humble beginnings, she grew up in the inner-city of Oakland, but got the rare chance to begin traveling the world at a young age with her mom, visiting countries across Europe and Africa where her father, famous Ethiopian Freedom Fighter, Dr. Senay Likké is from. Before becoming a professionally recognized writer, director and producer, she was a high school English and Drama teacher in Los Angeles for 4 years where she discovered a calling for mentoring at-risk youth. She got her start in the entertainment industry after one of her screenplays gained the attention of a top Hollywood Producer who helped launch her career. Her first feature film, Phat Girlz was distributed theatrically by Fox Searchlight. Via her Production Company, N’Vision Pictures, she continues to create cutting edge content for film, television and digital platforms.