Based on a true story, Enkopa depicts the struggles of an Ethiopian young woman, who wants to travel to Canada through Sudan in search of a better life. Enkopa portrays her efforts for survival against the brutality and inhuman treatment by the human traffickers. She faces sexual abuse, the constant demand for more cash from her traffickers.  Back at home, there are  huge expectation from her family.  Her hope to land in Canada become thin and slowly disintegrate.  She faces uncertainties in Sudan.   She is also under pressure from her family back at home.  Desperation forces her to start working in Sudan, and discovers a new journey and making friends along the way, but also has to daily to fight the stereotype by the  police who think ”all Ethiopian women are whores”.  In every hardship one might find love but it might come with baggage, her choices are to remain illegal or regain her identity and dignity?

Director Biography

Abraham Demissie (born 27-May-1987 ), is an Ethiopian film director and director of photography who is predominantly recognized for shooting many Ethiopian cinema movies. He is also known for shooting many TV shows and advertisement on Ethiopian major TV stations. He was nominated for best cinematographer at the Ethiopian international film festival.