Saving Dreams Movie

‘A naïve girl with dreams of stardom, marries a powerful man, who abuses her while running a foundation that protects abused women.

Brenda Jackson (Karen Simpson), an up and coming singer spends her days (and nights) toiling in Canadian bars, hoping to get noticed by someone in a position to make her dreams come true.

While performing one of her two bit gigs, – we don’t actually see her sing but what follows next tells us she must be a fabulous singer so we just go along with it,- she meets a man. A handsome, smooth talking, emotionally distant fellow. He promises to make her a star. Nothing he says or does is faintly original, or exciting, come to think of it, but Brenda falls hard for him. So we go along again with this improbable romance.

After a personal tragedy, she begins to depend on him for everything and handsome, smooth talking, emotionally distant fellow gradually transforms into a major douchebag. When Steve Reeds (Martin Lindquist) has Brenda just where he wants her, he begins to manipulate and abuse her, first emotionally and mentally, then the physical violence follows.


Isioro Tokunbo Jaboro: An award-winning movie Producer & Director with a passion for Writing. Isioro’s passion for filmmaking can be traced back to his early years growing up as a little boy in Lagos. The loss of his mother at a very young age was a turning point for him, this contributed to his love and direction in filmmaking. Isioro believes in telling stories that have some connection to people’s lives and one that addresses real-life events. With a background from Nigeria, a country with the 3rd largest movie industry in the world (Nollywood), Isioro graduated from the Toronto Film School (TFS) in 2007  honors in film production.