Light in the dark


“Le Clair obscure ” is a love story between a Mounir a blind young man nourishing the dream of becoming  presenter and Nour a girl student in a cinema.  Mounir is impulsive, egocentric loves in his ways, while Nour is a strong character devoted to love unconditionally.  Nour is ardent to help the lover to fulfill inbuilt dream s. This requires a search into the depths and  secrets that can shift the personal world. The film takes us to the perspective of the world of the blind and the relationship between they build, exploring when the obscure faces the clear.

The film explores the stigma appended to people who make natural choices, which others consider to be bold, at times forcing people to submerge into  the shadows of their companions for the rest of their lives. .

Director Biography

Born in 1982 in Rabat, daughter of a television fiction pioneer in Morocco, she grew up in sets where she falls in love on this way of life and decides after obtaining her bac to integrate a film school her bachelor In hand, she returned to Morocco, and joined the Moroccan national channel in 2005, and continues the accomplishments of all kinds “Le clair obscur” is her first feature film