Life is a starting point and an end point.

Thirty Moroccan immigrants are returning to Morocco  are forced to coexist within a single space – a bus. How will this batch of people from different worldviews, messed up cultural outlooks survive this  journey? From the extremist to the prostitute, a revolutionary Marxist, musician, their experience becomes a laboratory of events.  From northern Morocco down to the south the film gets you to absord the esthetics and the absurdity of a journey- this is  the life we travel.

Director Biography

Born in 1983 to parents’ journalists and radio presenters, Raouf SEBBAHI’s first steps in broadcasting were very early, he actually was the youngest radio presenter in Morocco at the age of seven years old for a show (hosted by children). But undoubtedly having grown with a blind father pushed him to get excited about images and their semiotics. So naturally he joined the first class of the first film school in the country, after obtaining his BA in Modern literature in 2000.

Three years later he came out with an audiovisual production degree and two short movies including (My city that I’ve never seen), directed before his twenty years old and awarded in several festivals.

Then, Raouf joined the Moroccan television as a director and TV program designer to pursue his way in several television genres, starting with magazine and documentary and then fiction.

In parallel, he received a master degree in writing and filmmaking from Cairo. And focus then on his fiction projects a long with series, serials and telefilms, which enabled him to rise to the rank of the most acclaimed directors in the country before the age of thirty years old.

But he never went far from his first love, CINEMA, since he directed five short movies and a first full-length film in 2013 (LFERDI) The pistol.

In 2014, Raouf SEBBAHI obtained the MCC aid fund of three hundred and forty thousand euros for making his movie « Hayat ».  The dream has just begun..