KAYABIKE (english sub)s



The life of a group of kids and their BMX coach training in a South African township (Kayamandi), is preparing and waiting for the competition day. Throughout the process they learn much more than just how to pedal. Kayamandi (in the Xhosa language  khaya means ”home” and mandi ”nice”), is a suburb of Stellenbosch in the Western Cape province of South Africa located off route R304.

KAYABIKE explores the use of biking as a way of personal development in the context of this South African suburb.

Director Biography

An idependent documentary filmmaker, traveler, dreamer and bicycle enthusiast. Generally working alone, self-producing and self-funding his own projects, he is particularly interested in exploring environmental and social justice issues.

His first short school film was on the perception of bicycle and conflicts generated in a city (¡A Piñón! 20′, 2011) and has been screened widely around the world.