Between ashes and hope (tussen as en hoop)

For a young preacher and his wife life seems to be heaven. An unexpected turn of events changes matters for the worse. Jan, the preacher, loses his wife and unborn child to TB. His life is turned upside down. He stops preaching, lives like a  hermit, and hides from society. The church doors are locked.   A new social worker, Petra arrives on the farm with the challenge of addressing the social ills of the community. Petra suddenly finds herself immersed in the life of a   young child, Lucky, she draws her and as she discovers the secrets of the farm abuse, alcoholism and deadly threat of TB in the community.   ‘Tussen as en hoop’ brings forth the light of true forgiveness and finding hope in the midst of despair.

Director Biography

Desmond Denton is an award winning filmmaker who walks with a strong vision of creativity on the one hand and the practical execution of it on the other; it’s where fantasy meets reality. Desmond is a South African born filmmaker currently residing between Cape Town, Washington DC and Moscow. His affair with film has been over twelve years in the making where he has directed and produced various productions. He studied BA film directing/ writing, honours in communication science and continued in post graduate psychology