Dem Dem!



Matar, a Senegalese fisherman crosses paths with N’Zibou a crazy wise man who measures the clouds. N’Zibou  questions Matar about his search for identity. Matar finds a Belgian passport on a beach in Dakar after which he disappears.  The film explores the questions migration and identity in a poetic way. This artistic  hybrid  is influenced by a  Belgian surrealism of Magritte and Senegalese wolof expression of magic.

”Dem Dem” means ”leaving” in wolof language. In Senegal, a lot of young men migrate to Europe without telling their family.

Director Biography

Pape Bouname Lopy, Marc Recchia and Christophe Rolin meet for the first time in Dakar on a collaborative writing project with the filmmakers of Cine Banlieue Dakar. Together, they make the short film DEM DEM!

Pape Bouname Lopy is also the director of « The weapon », screened at FESPACO 2013. Marc Recchia and Christophe Rolin are used to make collaborative and very low budget films. They previously made « Sleepless Djigit », a documentary filmed in Kyrgyzstan.