On Saturday 14th of May HAFF participates Arabia Street Festival. Within African Village HAFFStreet screens short films and documentaries from 10 am till 6 pm. The event is free. Following films will be shown at the Street:

Poster Aida_Poster-72DPIAIDA

Aida; the oldest flower vendor in Alexandria has been roaming the city streets for the past 50 years. Aida is a familiar face for the city residents, yet they don’t know much about her, a face that holds within a long history of untold stories.

20 min/Egypt/Maysoon El Massry



THPoster the_choice_posterE CHOICE 

Azmy is an example of a generation who is imprisoned in the cage of social media websites, what will be his choice? Stay in the cage or break it?

15 min/Egypt/Albert Gamil



kok_afis__final__kopya_The_RootTHE ROOT

Naci is a single person standing against degeneration and disconnection with the traditions. The roots of a tree planted by his grandpa years ago is the only concept related to his past. One day he learns that the land in which the tree stands will turn into a concrete bulk. And all the efforts of Naci to exist becomes a whole of an impossibility to arise. 

16 min/Turkey/Mehmet Onur Bozkurt


Poster aficheGRAIN OF SAND

In a small place there is a husband waiting for his wife for the childbirth. In this moment we watch on the TV the Arabic spring with many yelling. And we have on screen an incapacitated girl. So the revolution is begin and the ending not sure.

10 min/Morocco/Salim El Kadiri

Poster posterLAND OF THE LOST

This film tells the story of a man that lost his wife and children during the mass exodus of Kurds in 1991, He spends all his life searching for them, one day he hears an announcement on the radio that there is a place showing hundreds of photos of missing people, He decides to go to this place while listening to the radio continuously, He also hears other stories of other people. All the stories are about getting lost and the tragedies that have happened to Kurds.

10 min/Iraq/Hawraz Mohammed


Poster milestogobeforeisleep_poster_smallMILES TO GO BEFORE I SLEEP

A young Congolese woman shares her story of becoming a victim of child trafficking and being thrown into a whirlwind of drifting between continents.

13 min/Finland, Zambia/Hanna Hovitie

prt_400x225_1432335133BAMAKO CHICKEN

A young Malian boy, Aba Diko, sells chickens to help support his family. From weaving his way amidst the energetic tumult of the marketplace, through the sun-drenched thoroughfares of his commute, to the cooler, quieter spaces of the home where he cooks, Aba works tirelessly. His actions are shown with a reverence that highlight elements of deeper ritual behind the otherwise routine. With unflinching focus and fascination, we watch as Aba hums, sachays, fans, and savors his way through the not-always-beautiful steps of gutting, cleaning and preparing chicken: small moments of individually-created joy and fortitude, in the face of the forces of anonymity and drudge that always threaten to overwhelm the process.

4 min/Mali/Habib Yazdi


A Caught up in a challenging world, Lucky Animaly a 23-year-old Ghanaian, born with disability (leg deformity) he is a multi-talented and an energetic young man who plays soccer with an able-bodied soccer team . lucky strikes against all odds to become a world soccer star in Ghana. STILL KICKING s a documentary film by Osei Owusu Banahene.

5 min/Ghana/Osei Owusu Banahene


At a time when Hip Hop seems to be headed in a disappointing direction, there exists an underexposed community of Artists who’ve managed to transform the genre to address their community’s needs. More Than Music: Senegal is an inspiring real-life look at an entire culture utilizing Hip Hop to bring positive change to the world.

13 min/Senegal, United States/Babacar Ndiaye


tough-bone-shadow-of-justice-nigerian-action-film-poster-715x1014SHADOW OF JUSTICE

An renowned assassin decided to turn a new leaf after getting married, but his former mob boss needs him for a job and keeps his wife hostage till he gets the job done. He blew the whistle on the boss by engaging in an intense breath-taking battle to retrieve the love of his life. 

4 min/Nigeria/Odiboh Jeddy, Ose Iria


Poster ALMA_Poster_1_-_JPGALMA

Alma is a beautiful young woman living with her husband in a fishing village in rural Cameroon. What seems an idyllic existence in the beginning soon turns into a harrowing story of domestic abuse, which unfolds in the context of a community that does nothing. The film bluntly explores the tragic consequences of gender-based violence when un-denounced.

22 min/Cameroon/Christa Eka Assam



KAI 11 , and his mother KEZIA 40, shift to a new neighborhood in the shanty town of Ndeeba in Kampala city. KAI vends meat and other snacks but is challenged by the scornful inhabitants. A LOCAL GANG seems friendly and a promising clientele as they support Kai through his initial hardships. An offer to introduce him to a bigger clientele doesn’t come cheap as the gang ask for a favor in return. He is taken by surprise when the gang members go to purchase from a shoe shop but end up robbing from the shop attendant. Kai ends up in trouble as the already troubled gang is pursued and arrested by the police. Kai escapes but he is pursued by the unforgiving village mob. Kai has to get himself out of this situation and still pursue his goal of going to school because ’No sales, No school’.

18 min/Uganda/Robert Nyanzi


odman eyes 3UNHU

Unhu is a film about the harsh reality of city life .Observed through an African immigrant’s eyes, it weaves from reality to his inner fantasy as his imagination slowly recreates the sights and sounds that he once knew.

3 min/Zimbabwe, United Kingdom/A.a.V Amasi

poster final bannerCRAFTS ‘THE VALUE OF LIFE’

A 19-year-old Shafi meets up with Pesh to fix their relationship, but the old crafts he picked on his way instead become the subject of talk as he is reprimanded for his childish habits and consequently loses his relationship but the crafts help him discover his purpose in life when he gives them away to a homeless kid.

8 min/Uganda/George Stanley Nsamba

Poster loc_mulheresWOMEN/MULHERES

Mulheres is set in Zambezia, one of Mozambique’s poorest regions and at the same time the most populous in the country. Work in the agricultural field is mainly done by women with 80% of women making up the agricultural workfoce . They play a key role in food security, nutrition fields and the family economy, but they are often victims of discrimination, domestic violence and social exclusion. The film centres on two Zambezian women – revealing how they live, what they think, what they hide and what they invent every day to survive in a society that continues to discriminate them. A simple portrait documentary that reveals much more than one anticipates. The goal of the documentary is to engage, excite and move something in the minds, listening and not judging, tell the story and the public is going to form an opinion. The story becomes the protagonist, a tool to tell the universality of a theme described with simplicity, letting people talk, the protagonists of the stories.

25 min/Mozambique, Italy/Elisa Bucchi, Nicola Bogo



John Kizito runs away from his family because he was being mistreated by his step mother. He finds solace at one of the landing sites of Kampala Suburbs of Ggaba. He picks scrap for his survival and sleeps under capsized boats and abandoned buildings. He has a future that is too bright to believe in.

7 min/Uganda/Wilberforce Muhzura


A priest uses religion to pray his lust. the society is gullible to his quest until the unthinkable happens. A movie aimed to reflect and tell untold stories.

12 min/Zambia/Emmanuel Mwape

Photo 9 Home_Of_Heart_A2HOME OF HEART

HOME OF HEART is a short documentary that tells a story of urbanized Namibians who miss their childhood homes in the harsh environment of North-Central Namibia.

26 min/Finland, Namibia/Riikka Notkola


01_blending_in_cover-artBLENDING IN

Blending In tells the true story of a group of boys going on an adventure to steal carrots from a field on the outskirts of Addis Abeba, Ethiopia, and of the life-threatening danger they faced on their journey. The story is told from the perspective of one of the boys, now grown up, in Helsinki, Finland. The film tells many little stories – about friendship, about sacrifice, about lying to one’s parent’s and of the bond between mother and child, about how events from the past are recalled from your memory in the most surprising situations, and of the bonds sharing your stories can create.

14 min/Finland, Ethiopia/Mulugeta Amaru


The Ogiek people live on the slopes of Mount Elgon in Kenya. This documentary shows the Ogiek’s relationship to their homeland and to the world. An indigenous people without official minority status in Kenya, the Ogiek have gone through evictions from their native land for decades. Time after another they have returned to their land to continue living in the forest. The documentary is the Ogiek’s story, in their own words, of their hopes and their commitment to strengthen their cultural identity as well as their rights.

11 min/Finland, Kenya/Laura Meriläinen-Amaumo

DreamOfShahrazad_core_imageTHE DREAM OF SHAHRAZAD

Weaving together music, politics and storytelling, the film explores recent social and political events in Egypt, Turkey and Lebanon through the metaphor of THE 1001 NIGHTS, and looks at the ways in which creativity and political articulation coincide in response to oppression. Drawing on Shahrazad, the princess who saves lives by telling stories, a youth orchestra conductor, a Cairean storytelling troupe, a troubled Lebanese actress and various others all put art to new political use.

107 min/Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey/François Verster



Agnack is a place where both rivers and people converge in the most stunning of ways – a place where it is considered perfectly normal to speak a minimum of six languages. For the first time in history the people of Agnack- the Baïnounk people- allowed cameras to film as they prepare for an unforgettable event and capture the mystery surrounding their rituals. The Baïnounk culture is more threatened now than at any point in its long history due to abrupt changes brought by colonisation, conflict, globalisation and migration.

78 min/Senegal, Poland/Remigiusz Sowa


Photo 6 rock_inspired_postal_4ROCK INSPIRED

Rock Inspired  is a day in the life of a rock breaker, a documentary that tells of the travails that African women go through, in the hazardous job of “Rock Breaking”, to earn a living and support their family.

52 min/Nigeria/Famous Odion Iraoya



Document of Westbury design workshop in Johannesburg. Westbury Youth Center offers various alternatives for youth recovering substance abuse.

4 min/Finland, South Africa/Inari Virkkala, Teemu Kivikangas