HAFF16 DIVERSITY AWARDS: here the list of the nominated and the awarded films from this 7th edition of the Helsinki African Film Festival


In the infinite nocturnal beauty of an African savannah, two men were given the task to cut three dead bodies. To burn them. To bury them .

Un Homme qui crie

Adam is lifeguard for the swimmingpool of a luxury hotel in N’Djamena. When the hotel got purchased by some Chinese, he should let his son take over his position and become then a guardian.


Leonard fled Cameroon, Hope fled Nigeria. Brought together by chance after crossing over the Sahara , they both end up facing injustice, racism, and violence once they arrived in Morocco.

The Purple House

Hsan, an unemployed man in his fifties, has been looking for work in his neighborhood. On his wife’s insistence, he decides to go and see Ammar, head of the RCD district cell to ask for help. Ammar agrees to find him a job under one condition: that he paints his house purple!

The Cursed Ones

Based on True Events, The Cursed Ones is a story of morality, religion, corruption and community in the heart of Africa.