In the infinite nocturnal beauty of an African savannah, two men were given the task to cut three dead bodies. To burn them. To bury them .

Un Homme qui crie

Adam is lifeguard for the swimmingpool of a luxury hotel in N’Djamena. When the hotel got purchased by some Chinese, he should let his son take over his position and become then a guardian.


Leonard fled Cameroon, Hope fled Nigeria. Brought together by chance after crossing over the Sahara , they both end up facing injustice, racism, and violence once they arrived in Morocco.

The Purple House

Hsan, an unemployed man in his fifties, has been looking for work in his neighborhood. On his wife’s insistence, he decides to go and see Ammar, head of the RCD district cell to ask for help. Ammar agrees to find him a job under one condition: that he paints his house purple!

The Cursed Ones

Based on True Events, The Cursed Ones is a story of morality, religion, corruption and community in the heart of Africa.

Alda et Maria

Summer 1980, Lisbon. Two sisters, 16 and 17 years old, arrive from Angola to escape war. Left on their own, Alda and Maria will have to learn how to survive without money, in the drab and polluted suburb of this foreign city.

Intellectual Scum

On board a commercial airplane, (Ruwe) an African intellect, sits next to a white man (Walter).
In their conversation, which is utterly brutal, honest and to some racist, Walter blames the ‘Intellectuals’ as to why Africa is in such a deplorable state.

Red Leaves

Meseganio sets out on a journey that leads him through his children’s homes. He comes to realize that he belongs to a rapidly disappearing class that believes in retaining Ethiopian culture.

Outed – the Painful Reality

Based on a true story, the film looks into the life of John Alex Kigozi aka Vida who appears on the front page of the tabloid despite the fact that he had never disclosed his sexuality to anyone. Following the outing, Vida’s life turns woeful when he consequently loses his job, his house and so much more.

Bala Bala Sese

A story of boyfriend’s battle for love through perseverance. In the outskirts of Sese Island, John is madly in love with Maggie and both are willing to take their love forward.

Born in Battle

Born in Battle tells the story of Oneka, a former child soldier who has escaped the clutches of his rebel masters. In order to survive his past he escapes into his own fantasy, a world far away from his nightmarish present.


A soldier gets permission from the military services during the Iraqi-Iranian war, and returns back to his village for his wedding. When he returns to the army, he finds his fellows defeated, most of them are lost or dead.

Before the Spring

This film is based on the true story of five young blogger activists who should receive the greatest credit for inspiring the Egyptian Revolution

Free State

Set in 1979 in South Africa, a pass system was in place restricting the movement of non-whites.

Dar Noir

A narcotics cop who moonlights as a heroin addict, finds redemption and a future in a sassy working girl who sees the gentle, loving man within, if only he can escape the darkness that keeps pulling him down.


The beautifully shot film tells a gripping story focused on friendship, trials of motherly love, passion and brutality of the underworld.