The Creative Pulse of Africa

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to this year’s festival, inspired by the theme The Creative Pulse of Africa. We are very excited to bring you the biggest line-up of films and the widest range of genres and directors since we started the festival five years ago.

HAFF offers fresh perspectives and insights into the life of the African continent and the African diaspora. From fine art to music, dance, film, story-telling and literature, we believe that art in its many expressions informs, enriches and profoundly influences societies. Exploring this creative power across Africa’s diverse countries and cultures also promotes awareness about a continent that is all too often simplified and marginalized in the mainstream media.

Art in its aesthetics carries memory, dreams and hope – things that all of us share, around the world. Towards this and in celebration of the life of Nelson Mandela, HAFF presents the play Love and Revolution with Miriam Makeba at Dubrovnik, opening on Saturday 17 May. So please join us as we pay tribute to all those who, in the spirit of freedom through struggle, have created hope for a better world.

I am also delighted to welcome our special guest Jahmil X. Qubeka, director of the award-winning South African film Of Good Report. Tosh Gitonga, director of Nairobi Half Life, also makes a welcome return to the festival to run a workshop with young filmmakers.

Enjoy the festival!

Wanjiku wa Ngugi
Festival Director

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